Day 15 : cold


Here you are again,                       my old           cold friend !                  I was missing            you          already and       wondering                when you’d be back                   again?


 Because you,                 my cold old friend,

are the only one              giving                             me        shivers and                 blue lips,

       even when                    try to be                 stronger                                 than                                  you,                            and embrace you                                 like                                                  I                                    wouldn’t                             care.


Truth is,                              I do respect you,                           more than any   other of your friends.

       I                  even                           enjoy                        the calmness                                        imposed by you                                               my old cold friend.


You made me cry                several times…         Remember that year                     I couldn’t feel

my hands                                and feet because                                     of you so hard,

                             and                     me                                 unprepared                        my old cold friend ?


Still,                                              here you are again                  (unannounced)…

but                  it’s my duty                 and a pleasure,                           to welcome you                    once again.

Let it be jolly                               and joyous,                              my                                  cold old                  friend.




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