Day 5 : haiku

Screen #1


escape to symbiotic

through surreal life.

# # # # # # #

(Note for Day 5 : Maybe this is coincidence, maybe it is not, maybe it is another of those signs I sometimes ask for, but fail to recognise… fact is that a couple of days ago (at the exact moment as I started this project) the final announcement for signing up to Writing 201 : Poetry appeared on the main page of the Reader section of WordPress.

My experimental mind along with my quest for wisdom pushed me to join…

The three lines you can read at the beginning of this post are my contribution to the first assignment, Day 1 : Screen. Haiku. Alliteration. I was excited this morning when I read those three words because I love Haikus, and Alliterations are by far my favorite stylistic literacy device. I used to write a lot of poetry (not so much in English though), so I take this as a transforming challenge.

The aim was to step out of my comfort zone… Well, here I am, writing Haikus in English…

The fun has just begun !)


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