Day 2 : why ?

Why this and why now ?

This project has a triple purpose.

1. It’s supposed to put me back on track, wake me up from the living-dead life I have been experiencing for some time now. I dedicated the past 8 years to a job that kept me busy but also drained my vital energy and burned my last parcel of emotion, humanity and ultimately spirituality.

2. 77lucidays will help me reconnect with my creative flow and force me to embrace my inner self by pushing me out of my comfort zone. This is the first, and as such, quite ambitious project for little randomer and doubtful me. As the days will pass and the project progress, pictures, noises, words and sentences, many full stops and question-marks will appear… so I hope.

3. The disconnection I felt recently, also known as “the darkest hour of the soul” made me realize that we need to set goals, but not just material goals, no, we need to focus on the elevation of our invisible, deep-core part in order to improve our relationships and ultimately elevate humanity.

Why now ?

For many (including me) humanity seems to be facing a turning point, many people around the world feel restless or depressed, I have been feeling restless and depressed too lately… sometimes because of the lack of authenticity I have been experiencing in relationships but very often because of an unexplainable void felt inside and outside of me.

Curiously, I also feel the opposite, a global raising awareness and consciousness of our unlimited potential as loving and living beings. Maybe we’re not just parasites after all ?


2 thoughts on “Day 2 : why ?

  1. I have felt that void you are talking about…it just made me feel empty and a bit desperate and in despair. In the end I believe it was ‘connection’ that saved me, connection with God, connection with other people, family, good friends. I felt like that is what you are talking about towards the end. And it made me think of Johann Hari and his latest writings on addiction, e.g..

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    • Maybe we all feel the void at a point or another in our lives, but we won’t admit it, at least not instantly. Most probably we will try to ignore it or try to fill it up with anything, anything that is time and energy-consuming. Being busy all the time is one of the filling strategies I have been using a lot. But we can’t fill a void… we would resemble Sisyphus, exhausting ourselves with an impossible task. The idea of connection, yes… that’s the ideal goal, but it’s not always easy to connect with others, for many reasons, one of them being the lack of resonance with certain others or the draining effect some relationships may have… another is the lack of authentic connections. This is why I believe in a connection with our self. Bonding with our self, with who we are, with our deep true nature, is the necessary condition to be able to connect with others, otherwise we’re just playing a part and end up being unauthentic as well.
      The link is very interesting, I wasn’t intending to write about addictions (at least not so soon, not at this stage of the project), but I sure have a lot to express about dependencies. I will post about it later (there are still 74 days to go, so be patient). Thank you very much for taking the time to read day 2 and for your very insightful input ! (to be continued…)


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